Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Police Officer In Naked Photos Denial

Scottland, UK -- A Scottish police officer threatened to put naked pictures of his deaf girlfriend on the internet unless she paid him, a court has heard.

Grampian Police Constable George Hall, 44, who denies trying to extort hundreds of pounds from Lynn Morrison, went on trial on Tuesday. The offence is alleged to have happened at her home in Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire, last year. The officer has gone on trial at Peterhead Sheriff Court.

It is claimed Constable Hall told Ms Morrison that unless she paid him he would show the "naked and indecent" photographs of her in public.

This allegedly placed Ms Morrison, 33, in a state of fear and alarm.

'Private matter'

PC Hall, also of Cruden Bay, faces an alternative charge of breach of the peace by causing Ms Morrison to believe he would display naked and indecent images of her in a public forum.

Giving evidence on the first day of the trial, Ms Morrison - who was assisted in court by an interpreter - said she first got to know the police officer when she began babysitting for his children.

She said they began a relationship around August 2003 and PC Hall had taken photos of an intimate nature of her on a digital camera. Ms Morrison said she also took photos of herself using the camera's automatic timer.

Procurator fiscal Sandy Hutchison asked: "These photos, did you consider them a private matter or photos that could be distributed elsewhere?"

"No, no, very private," she said.

Ms Morrison said the photographs had been loaded onto both PC Hall's computer and her computer.

The court heard that during their relationship, Ms Morrison borrowed £500 from PC Hall as she owed her sister money.

"At its best, how would you describe your relationship with Mr Hall?" asked Mr Hutchison.

"It was love, the relationship was good," she said.

Ms Morrison added that at that time she was happy for the photos to be taken.

"It was boyfriend and girlfriend, it was about the relationship and we trusted each other," she said.

'Very shocked'

The court heard that Ms Morrison had paid PC Hall back £200 but still owed him £300 when their relationship ended in August 2004.

It was claimed that Ms Morrison started getting text messages from PC Hall in January 2005 "bothering" her over the amount she owed.

She told the court that on 3 March, 2005, she received a text message from PC Hall which prompted her to contact the police.

"It said if I did not pay the money back he would put images of me naked on the internet," she said

The fiscal asked: "The threat of him putting naked images of you on the internet, did you consider that related to the images of you still on his computer?"

She said: "Yes and it was shocking - I did not still know he had these photos of me and I was very shocked by that because these were such private things."

The trial continues.

Shooting In Seattle

Seattle, US -- A Seattle police officer fired two shots at a car after the driver tried to run another officer down when the two officers interrupted an alleged drug deal.

The shooting happened about 1 a.m. Monday in the 200 block of Sixth Avenue North, Seattle police reported. No one was hurt, and police arrested two men for investigation of assault.

According to police, two bike officers patrolling around a motel saw two men in a white Buick in an area known for drug activity. When they went to investigate, the driver made what police described as a furtive movement, prompting one of the officers to draw his weapon and order the men out.

Instead, the driver put the car in reverse and sped backward, smashing one of the officers' bicycles and forcing the officer to jump out of the way.

The driver then drove forward, allegedly straight at the second officer, who fired his gun twice, hitting one of the car's tires. The driver lost control and

Saturday, February 25, 2006

California Police Officer Attacks

Officer Bobbie Norman was making what should have been a routine traffic stop when someone inside the car he had pulled over fired a handgun out the rear window.

Norman, an 11-year-veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, had pulled over the white Toyota Camry for driving 70 mph. He was only two feet away from the vehicle when the shots were fired, and immediately went to the ground.

"By the grace of God he missed me from that range," said Norman, who hasn't been out on patrol since the Feb. 9 shooting in the city's Devonshire neighborhood. "They would've killed me over a $100 fine for speeding, and that's unacceptable."

Norman spoke to reporters Friday at a news conference where LAPD Chief William J. Bratton, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and other law enforcement officials called on the public to help stop this year's rise in the number of shootings targeting police officers, most committed by gang members.

Baca said everyone who shoots a police officer has friends, family members or loved ones who know they go out at night packing a firearm. He called on those close to gang members to either "talk some sense into your loved one" or turn him in.

The shootings appear to be a mix of random attacks and ambushes, though there does not seem to be any organized effort to kill officers, Bratton said.

"We need help," Bratton said. "We are the protectors, but we're appealing to the public to help protect the protectors."

There have been five shootings on LAPD officers this year, up from 16 shootings last year, Bratton said. If the rate continues this could be one of the department's worst years for officer shootings, he said.

There has been one shooting at a sheriff's deputy this year, compared to 10 shootings last year, Baca said.

The California Highway Patrol has had at least two shootings this year, CHP Assistant Chief Ellen Conley said.

The news conference came a day after thousands of people from around the country gathered to honor CHP Officer Earl Scott, 36, who was found dead last week on the side of Highway 99, about 10 miles north of Modesto. Scott was the fifth CHP officer killed in the line of duty during the last five months.

Stanislaus County prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for 30-year-old Columbus Allen II, who is charged with murder for allegedly shooting Scott in the head. He is expected to enter a plea March 16.

Also Thursday, police in Mexico arrested Jorge Arroyo Garcia, the lead suspect in the April 2002 shooting death of Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy David March, 33.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley said prosecutors want to seek the death penalty, but are barred by a 1978 treaty that lets Mexico deny extradition if a suspect could face execution.

Police Officer Who Shot Three Manson Family Members Dies

Pete Frankel, 62, who was a member of the Hawthorne police force when he shot three Manson family members who were attempting a robbery in 1971, died Feb. 10 at Menifee Valley Medical Center in Sun City, Calif. He had suffered a heart attack several months ago.

On the night of Aug. 21, 1971, police responded to a silent alarm at the Western Surplus store on Hawthorne Boulevard, where robbers were holding three clerks and two customers at gunpoint as they raided the store.

After Lt. James Kobus pulled up near a van parked in the alley behind the store, the suspects opened fire from the van. Backup units responded to Kobus' radio call, and eight Hawthorne officers were involved in the 10-minute shootout.

Frankel blocked the other side of the alley with his car and, he recalled in a 2004 interview, as he went down the alley saw the shooters run from the van and hide behind a metal shed.

"I returned fire with my sidearm and said, 'This is not cutting it,' so I got the shotgun," he recalled.

Frankel wounded three of the five suspects who were captured; a sixth escaped. Only later did police discover that the robbers were members of the notorious Manson family and that the 140 firearms they had taken were to be used in a plot to free Manson (photo above). The cult leader had been convicted and sentenced to death in early 1971 for the seven Tate-La Bianca murders.

A native New Yorker, Frankel served in the Army and Navy and rose to the rank of lieutenant at the Hawthorne Police Department, where he served from 1968 to 1988.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Off-Duty Officer Shoots, Kills Theft Suspect in NE

An off-duty D.C. police officer shot and killed a 51-year-old man during a confrontation yesterday afternoon in Northeast Washington, authorities said.

The officer, identified as Edward M. Ford, shot Ignatius Gary Brown about 3 p.m. at West Virginia Avenue and Neal Street NE, police said. Brown, of the 1200 block of Oates Street NE, was taken to Washington Hospital Center, where he died about a half-hour later, police said.

Investigators were trying to piece together what happened, and some details remained sketchy last night. Authorities said Ford was driving in the area and spotted Brown, who was being sought by police for allegedly having stolen tools at a nearby house on which Ford had been working.

According to police, events unfolded like this: Ford got out of his car, asked a neighborhood resident to call 911 and approached the man. The man made a threatening motion, and Ford pulled out his gun. At this point, the man lunged at Ford, and the officer's gun discharged. It was not clear whether the gun went off by accident, police said.

Authorities could not immediately say what Ford, who works in the 2nd Police District in Northwest Washington, was doing in the area. According to voter registration records, he lives about two miles from where the shooting took place.

Ford, 48, has been the subject of several internal and criminal investigations since he joined the force in 1990, according to court records and news reports.

In December 1993, Ford and another officer handcuffed a Silver Spring motorist to a mailbox in Northwest Washington after stopping her on suspicion of drunken driving. During that incident, Ford and the other officer forcibly took a camera from a Washington Post reporter who was at the scene.

No charges were filed against the officers. But the incident generated controversy after the newspaper published a front-page photograph of the woman locked to the mailbox. Lawsuits filed by the woman and the reporter, Brian Mooar, were settled out of court.

Ford has been arrested on assault charges three times -- in 1993, 1995 and 1999 -- but was not convicted. Prosecutors decided not to pursue charges in two of the cases, and a D.C. Superior Court judge granted a motion of acquittal in the third, court records show.

Residents of the neighborhood where yesterday's shooting occurred said they were surprised by the incident. The episode took place just outside the fence that borders Gallaudet University, next to Holy Name Catholic School. No one else was wounded in the shooting. The police investigation shut down traffic on West Virginia Avenue, clogging side streets with traffic during rush hour.

"If somebody died, somebody needs to know what happened," said Anthony Wilson, a resident who arrived home from work after the shooting. "We don't generally have homicides on this street or large crime waves here."

Friday, February 17, 2006

Officer Dies From "Friendly Fire"

NEW YORK (AP) _ An off-duty police office shot by a patrolman on Jan. 8 in a case of mistaken identity died from three gunshot wounds, the medical examiner said Friday.

Though the death of Eric Hernandez was ruled a homicide, authorities have said the shooter followed proper procedure, and was not expected to face charges.

Hernandez, 24, suffered a severe beating during a dispute with several other men in a fast-food restaurant just before shooting. But there was no finding that the attack contributed to his death. The official cause of death was two gunshot wounds to the right abdomen, and one to the right leg, said medical examiner spokeswoman Ellen Borakove.

After he was beaten, the dazed officer pulled a gun on a man in the restaurant's parking lot before being shot by the patrolman, police said. The shooter, Alfredo Toro, had no way of knowing Hernandez was a fellow officer and fired only after Hernandez refused orders to drop his weapon, police said.

Authorities later arrested six men in connection with the assault on Hernandez. Hernandez, of White Plains, had been a police officer since July 2004, and was a member of the department's football team.

Man Impersonating Police Officer In Huston

A man on probation for impersonating a police officer has been charged again with pretending to be an emergency medical technician and is being sought by state and local police.

Weylin Dawson Spradley, 25, who has the word "police" tattooed on his left arm, is driving a white 2003 Chevrolet Impala painted to look like an emergency vehicle, said Sgt. Brian Carr of the Houston Police Department's Major Offenders Division.

"We are concerned because the suspect may be using the vehicle to commit crimes pretending to be a police officer," Carr said today.

Police have been searching for Spradley since November when he drove the Impala into an auto-graphics shop and had the car fitted with stripes and emblems that made the car resemble an official government vehicle.

Carr said Spradley paid for the job with a check that looked like it was from a government agency. When the check bounced, the graphics shop called police.

Carr said Spradley was wearing a uniform with shoulder patches on the day the car was painted.

Investigators do not if Spradley has used the fake car to make any traffic stops.

The car and patches bear the name "South Ridge Emergency Services." Carr said police have not been able to find any political subdivision in Texas by that name.

Anyone with information about Spradley is asked call 713-308-3100, or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Rapper Killed Police Officer In LA

The man who killed a Las Vegas police officer responding to a domestic violence call was a rapper whose lyrics spoke of violence and hate, police said.

Rapper Amir Rashid Crump, 21, known as Trajik of the duo Desert Mobb, fatally shot Sgt. Henry Prendes, 37, who responded with a fellow officer to a home southwest of the Las Vegas Strip on Feb. 1, police say.

Crump is seen brandishing an assault rifle on the cover of the duo's 2005 debut, "L.Y.T. C.Y.T.I." Police say he fired an assault rifle at officers when they arrived at the scene. Crump was killed in the shootout.

"The guy who killed Henry was not talking [on his album] about wonderful things," said Las Vegas police Capt. Gary Schofield, who formerly oversaw the police gang unit. "It was hatred and violence."

Footballer Pushed Police Officer

A Championship footballer has been found guilty of assaulting a police officer after a match.

Burnley player Wayne Thomas pushed Sgt John D'Arcy as the officer ushered him into the tunnel at the end of a match he played for former club Stoke City. The 26-year-old, of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, had denied the assault, which happened at Millwall in February 2005.

District Judge Anthony Woodcock, at Bexley Magistrates' Court, gave Thomas an 18-month conditional discharge. The court heard claims that Thomas gesticulated from the dugout at opposing fans with his middle finger raised.

'Better behaviour'

The defendant had denied this, saying that when one of them shouted an insult about his mother he responded by holding up his hands in a one and a zero to show the score.

District Judge Woodcock said: "I accept that the police officer could see abusive gesticulation, he could see that there was interaction between the crowd and Thomas, and that was not having a particularly productive effect.

"I reach the conclusion that the action that he took in ushering Thomas in was sensible and reasonable."

He said he rejected the defendant's account that he "simply released his arm from what he perceived to be an unfair and unwarranted holding of his arm by Mr D'Arcy".

He added: "The police, even when you are goaded, are entitled to expect better behaviour."

Thomas was ordered to pay £400 court costs.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Police Officer Admits Sex On Duty

A former policeman has admitted misconduct in public office after having sex with a woman while on duty.

Former constable Shajan Miah, who resigned from Greater Manchester Police in October 2005, pleaded guilty to four counts of misconduct.

The offences relate to three occasions where he had sex with a woman while on duty and one count of inappropriate use of data from the police computer.

He will be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court at a later date.

'Abused power'

The charges were the result of an investigation carried out by Greater Manchester Police Internal Affairs Department and managed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Naseem Malik, IPCC Commissioner for the North West, said: "These were very serious allegations and Greater Manchester Police, managed by the IPCC, carried out a thorough investigation.

"Shajan Miah abused the power granted to police officers and his behaviour fell well below the standard expected by the public and the police service."

An earlier charge of indecent assault against Miah was dropped.

Police Officer Slain By A Teenager

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. -- Police officers packed a church hall Friday to honor a veteran patrolman slain by a teenager who had fled across the country after attacking patrons of a Massachusetts gay bar with a hatchet and a gun.

Police officer James W. "Jim" Sell was remembered as a warrior for good who died while trying to stop evil.

Officers, sheriff's deputies and troopers from Arkansas, Massachusetts and Missouri formed a sea of blue and gray inside a Baptist church to honor Sell, who was shot Feb. 4 as he stopped Jacob Robida for a traffic violation.

"As police officers, we all know that there's a chance this could happen to us," Gassville Police Chief Tim Mayfield told a crowd of about 900. "For myself and my department, it became real."

The Rev. Sam Seamans echoed the theme of good and evil, saying many may wonder why an officer's life was lost in a senseless act.

"The truth is that since the beginning of time there have been good men and good women who have stood in the path of those who would do evil in our world, even if it would cost them their lives," said Seamans, the Mountain Home police department chaplain.

Sell, 63, was working a radar unit in Gassville when he pulled over Robida, 18, in a routine stop. State police said there was no indication Sell knew Robida was wanted for the bar attack in of New Bedford, Mass., that left three men injured.

Sell's shooting sparked a 20-mile chase that ended when Robida's car crashed. The teen killed a friend who was with him and then turned the gun on himself as police fired, officials said. Robida died the next day.

After Friday's church service, Sell was laid to rest with a 21-gun salute at a cemetery in Mountain Home.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Police Officer Found Dead At His Residence

SINGAPORE : A police officer with over 13 years of service was found dead on Monday morning in his Woodlands Drive flat.

35-year-old senior staff sergeant Jansen Xavier Santhansa died from a single gunshot wound to his head.

Police said just after 11am, the family's maid had found the investigation officer slumped on a couch in the study room of his 4-room flat.

He had a single gunshot wound to his head and his personal-issue service revolver was found on his stomach.

There were no signs of struggle and police have classified the case as unnatural death.

No suicide notes were found at the scene. He was pronounced dead by paramedics at about 12.25pm.

"The officer is an investigations officer attached to the Ang Mo Kio Police division. He has been an investigator for the past five years. And he's actually currently on examinations leave from Jan 26 to Feb 9. He is doing a diploma course at a polytechnic," said police spokesperson ASP Victor Keong.

Police said Santhansa did not indicate any personal problems to his supervisors or colleagues. He is described as hardworking.

Neighbours said the man is friendly but the family often kept to themselves.

"Just last Christmas, they were celebrating. Everything seems fine. We, neighbours, have not heard them quarrelling," said neighbour Munirah Samat.

"I saw him last night at about 12am. I did not hear any noise at all," said neighbour Mrs Xie.

Santhansa, who left behind two children aged 8 and 4, was last seen leaving home early Sunday morning.

His wife of nine years had not seen him return when she left for work that night.

In July last year, a national service policeman was also found dead with a gunshot wound to his head at a police station gym.

Student Protest Shooting Of Teen By Gary Police Officer

GARY, Ind. -- About 40 college students chanted and handed out fliers to protest the fatal shooting of a teen by a Gary police officer.

The group, some carrying signs that read "killer" and "trigger happy cop," marched near the Gary Public Library on Saturday to protest the shooting of 16-year-old Vincent L. Smith.
Patrolman Levi Randolph shot the Gary West High School freshman Jan. 15 outside Smith's cousin's home while responding to a reported burglary. Randolph, a Gary police officer since August 2002, was placed on administrative leave while Lake County police investigate the shooting.

Police said Randolph saw two people running when he arrived at the scene and shot Smith in the back of the head when he ignored repeated orders to stop running and show his hands. The other person escaped. Police said Randolph thought Smith had a gun, but investigators determined the teen did not have a gun when he was killed.

The protest was organized by Purdue-Calumet's Social Justice Club, and students from Chicago State University joined the group. Students want the officer fired and charged with murder.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Off Duty Police Officer Kills Carjacker

An off-duty Richmond police officer shot two men, killing one, as they attempted to hijack her car in a northwest Harris County apartment complex Tuesday, police said.

The incident happened about 6:30 a.m. at 11011 Pleasant Colony in the Trails of Steeplechase apartments parking lot, Jersey Village Police Chief Charles N. Wedemeyer said.

Two armed men entered the officer's personal vehicle as she was putting her keys in the ignition. As one man pointed a pistol at her head and instructed her to move over, police said, she pulled out her weapon and fired. One man was pronounced dead at the scene. Another was flown by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital. His condition was unknown Tuesday night.

The name of the officer, who was not in uniform, has not been released. The shooting is being investigated by Jersey Village police, Texas Rangers and the Harris County District Attorney's Office. Richmond police and the Texas Rangers would not comment.

Police Officer Shot Himslef In The Leg

Lauderhill -- An undercover Lauderhill police officer accidentally shot himself in the leg Tuesday night after he and a partner tried to stop three men in a car, officials said.

The officer was part of an undercover narcotics unit working behind a Blockbuster video store in the 5700 block of West Oakland Park Boulevard, said Lauderhill police Lt. Tundra King.

The suspect's car came around the back of the store and the officers, in an unmarked car, tried to stop them at around 9:30 p.m.

As the officer got out of the car, the suspect's car ''bumped the rear of the car the officers were in,'' King said.

The officer had his gun out, pointed downward, and ''an accidental discharge took place,'' King said.

The officer shot himself once in the lower part of his right leg and was taken to Broward General Medical Center, where he was in stable condition, King said.

Several police officers were in the area near the two officers in the unmarked car.